Silver Fern

I am very happy my life is getting back to normal. By that I mean I get up early in the morning and  start working in my studio. When I am not in a studio, my head is buzzing with new ideas.

I’ve been thinking for a while what my next entry to Monthly Art Project  (MAP) created by my friend Brenda Gael Smith would be.

I picked many ideas when traveling in New Zealand back in March and April. One of the most beautiful and magic plant there was Silver Fern.   Silver fern has an important place in Maori culture and also it has become one of the most widely recognized symbols of New Zealand. 

So, lets try to make a Silver Fern Quilt!

I decided to start with a small 6”x6” piece. If I can figure out how to make it then I am going to move onto 12”x12” what is my usual size for MAP.

I started with the fabric selection. I wanted one size of the silver fern leaf to be dark green and the other side to be light and silvery:

Studio manager Albinas approved my selection right away:

I seldom make sketches for my quilts but this time I needed one:

And the sewing began:

Help from Albinas was highly appreciated:

Here is the final result:

It can be looked at this way as well:

I can move on and make 12”x12” piece now.


  1. Wonderful transformation fro leaf to guilt!

Thank you for your Comment