Silver Fern #2

I decided to continue working on Silver Fern project making 12”x12” quilt for Monthly Art Project (MAP).

I had to use different fabrics now because I only used some leftover scraps for 6”x6” quilt. This time I worked differently and made the leaf first then decided to add some more background fabrics to extend it to the required size.

This is what I made:

I left it on an ironing board and when I walked late in the evening in a twilight I could only see one half of the leaf, the one with dark background and light colored leaves. Something was wrong!

In the morning I took a photo and used a simple trick making the photo just black and white:

Yes! That’s the proof that in quilts contrast, value of the color is more important than the color itself. I ripped the leaf apart and only kept the upper side, for the lower side I used two different fabrics. Here is the result:

Just to double check I used the same trick:

It looks good in this position as well:


  1. Pat Arndt says

    Maryte, thanks for sharing! I think we all can make that mistake so when you, a juried and expert at quilting artist share these moments, makes us all feel that we can improve! Love the b/w photo test too!

  2. That is beautiful! Thanks for the explanation and demonstration using your photos. I didn’t know about that. I am going to use that often.

  3. Nancy Hudson says

    I absolutely love this!

Thank you for your Comment