Letter S

This year’s challenge with my Fifteen by Fifteen group are going to be letters. I wasn’t very fond of that, but because I had nothing better to offer, I agreed. I thought I would never come up with any good idea for creating six quilts representing letters. For first challenge it was letter S. It… Read More →

Quilted Diary

Since last fall I have been working on a quilted diary. Originally it wasn’t my own idea. I was approached by my friend Lolita Braza, who is an artist herself, and works at Book Graphic Centre of Šiauliai County Povilas Višinskis Public Library Lolita asked me if there was any chance I could make a… Read More →

My Year in Quilts-2019

I always wanted to review my year in quilts but this time of the year usually is so busy that I never had enough time to do so. This Christmas I got sick and had to stay away from my family in friends so I got my chance. 2019 was a really good year for… Read More →


Theme of music was the last challenge for my Fifteen by Fifteen group. It took me a while to come up with the idea. I didn’t want to use musical instruments or musical notes in my quilt. This time inspiration came from my deep Lithuanian background, from the artist, that every Lithuanian knows and admires…. Read More →


The latest challenge from my Fifteen by Fifteen quilt challenge group was Photoshoot. It has been reveal and the results are stunning. All the creativity of this amazing group of artists you can discover visiting FIFTEEN BY FIFTEEN From the very beginning I knew I would be making a selfie quilt. I don’t consider myself… Read More →


An exhibition of my quilts opened in Žeimelis yesterday, August 31st, that marked last day of summer here in Lithuania. I don’t know how you are going to pronounce Žeimelis, just try. Žeimelis is small but very old town in the North of Lithuania, close to the border with Latvia. I went there for the… Read More →

Take Two

Take Two was the name of the class I signed for on my recent trip to USA. I have never taken any official class in quilting or design. I learned mostly from books, magazines, TV, from my mentor Brenda Gael Smith on SAQA mentorship program, from my own experience and my mistakes. But when I… Read More →

Ghanaian Textiles

Leaving for Ghana and knowing that my trip was going to be short, I decided that the main focus  should be on Ghanaian textiles. Just because textiles brought me there. My first meeting with Ghanaian textiles was when my friend Nancy shipped a set of fabrics for quilts. Then I researched Ghanaian textiles and now… Read More →

Trip to Ghana

I am back from Ghana! Very unexpected and amazing trip. The most amazing thing was that my quilts took me there and allowed me to meet wonderful people quietly doing their job, dive deeply into the world of Ghanaian textiles and other crafts, see the REAL, not tourist’s Ghana, and meet sweet young people, the… Read More →

Mana Latvija

Even I live in Lithuania, I am a member of Latvian Quilt Association. Today I took  a quick drive to Bauska, Latvia. On November 18th of this year Latvia celebrated 100 years of independence. For this occasion our association opened an exhibition of quilts at Bauska local history and art museum The exhibition is called… Read More →