An exhibition of my quilts opened in Žeimelis yesterday, August 31st, that marked last day of summer here in Lithuania. I don’t know how you are going to pronounce Žeimelis, just try. Žeimelis is small but very old town in the North of Lithuania, close to the border with Latvia.

I went there for the first time about three weeks ago with few of my friends. We walked around the town and visited local history museum that is called Museum Žiemgala.

Here are few photos of Žeimelis:

The main plaza
Main street with 17th hundred buildings of pubs and hotel
An old street and old houses
Žeimelis Catholic church built 1826
Side door of the Catholic chrch
Žeimelis Lutheran church built 1793

As I said before, my exhibition took place at Žiemgala Museum. The museum has an extended collection of artifacts, photos and documents telling a rich history of that part of Lithuania, where Lithuanians, Latvians, Jews and Russians lived side by side for centuries.

The museum is located in the building of one of old pubs
I loved to be greeted by this wooden cat
Inside the museum
More of exposition
Look at that baby carriage!
Seven stones with ”bowls”. Bowls were created by activities of ancient people that lived in this region in neolithic age (about 10,000 BC)
The poster of my exhibition

This exhibition was not planned and I wasn’t going to have any more solo exhibitions this year. It has changed when I first visited Žeimelis and met Daiva, the curator of the museum. Right away I felt a connection with her. I couldn’t resist her asking me to bring my quilts to Žeimelis. This time I brought my newest quilts alongside with some older ones:

24×24 inches quilts
Indigo quilts

Leaves collection:

This quilt I made just for Žeimelis:

Dahlias, 24×24 inches

Recently I dyed fabrics using indigo dyes and made these two quilts:

Cracked Ice, 36×36 inches
Legend of the Fern Flower

And last but not least is my quilt, that was accepted into competition in Italy, Verona Tessile 2019:

Sunset on the Hill of Crosses

I was surprised by the crowd. Of course, there were speeches, and flowers, and communication:

After the opening we all went out to enjoy beautiful weather and dahlias.

The festival of dahlias is a tradition in Žeimelis. Dahlias are everywhere: they grow in flower beds by houses and by sidewalks, but the main activities are in the park:

Photo frame
Contest to select the King of Dahlias 2019. Apples were for voting and we voted by sticking a stick into an apple
The King of Dahlias 2019

Next was selection of the winner of the bouquet contest. Few of my favorite bouquets:

And the winner was:

There were many more activities, there was music and food, lots of laughs, and making new friends. Beautiful farewell to the summer.


  1. As I already told you, I love all your quilts!
    But this post shows also so much about this old town and above all the extraordinary flower display! How wonderful!

    • Thank you, Katell! I was surprised by the atmosphere of the town and festival but I know there are many small towns like this everywhere in the world. You should come and visit here 🙂

  2. Your beautiful artwork – swoon! And those fantastic dahlias in all shapes, colours and sizes – swoon again! Congratulations on your exhibition.

  3. Maryte,

    Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures. They were all very enjoyable and informative. As usual, your quilts are beautiful! I love the new ones. They are very different from your older pieces. Your imagination intrigues me!

  4. Pat Nunemaker Arndt says

    Oh Maryte, from one of your biggest fans, you are certainly brightening up your side of the ocean!! Love your work, have followed you for years. May you continue to inspire and create such beautiful works of art!

  5. Linda Sanders says

    Maryte, I love this post! So many beautiful flowers and of course, your quilts! All displayed in such a beautiful and inspiring environment. So good to see the weather agreed with the occasion and provided the perfect backdrop. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  6. Wow… Maryte what a wonderful post. I love all the pictures of the little town and I love the dahlias, but most of all I love your beautiful quilts. You are such an artist.

  7. Gunta Skeltona says

    You see how wonderful is Zeimelis, how much fantastic people!
    I love Zeimelis, I love Lithuania! Thank You, Maryte!

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