Bauska, Latvia

Yesterday an exhibition of my quilts opened in Bauska, Latvia at Bauska Museum. It is called Blooming as I love making quilts inspired by flowers. The one on a poster is called Field of Poppies in Latvia. Some day two years ago I stopped by the road side in Latvia and took a photo of a huge field of poppies that inspired me to make that quilt:

My Latvian friend Gunta was at the heart of this exhibition, she introduced me to two amazing ladies, Baiba and Ilga, who work there and who took care of the display and everything else. I am very thankful for that.

This time I am exhibiting not only my wall art but also some of my traditional quilts. I think they fit the place perfectly. I know from my previous experience that word ”quilt” here in Lithuania, as well as in Latvia, means mostly bed quilt. No one thinks of a quilt as a wall art and many times I have to explain that I make not blankets but fabric pictures to be put on a wall.

Here are some photos of a display:

Cats by Laurel Birch
Jungle by Laurel Birch that goes with Cats as a wall hanging
Horses by Laurel Birch
Flower Power- my all hand made quilt: hand sewn, hand appliqued and hand quilted
Few of bed and baby quilts that I made for my family
I like how quilts are hanged away from walls, they seem floating in the air

Of course, there was a gathering of people, some my friends, some I’ve never met before, there were speeches, flowers and wine.

With my Latvian friend Gunta
Family of Chinese artists who live in Bauska

The museum itself is a very interesting place and very worth visiting.

Bauska Museum

Museum director Baiba Šulce gave us a short tour of Bauska’s history:

After leaving the museum we walked through Bauska enjoying the sights. Bauska is getting ready for the annual festival. Local artists inspired by Laura Matilde Ikerte decorated old houses with roses, some- embroidered, others- crocheted and also made in all other different techniques:

The mosaic on the wall made by Matilde, and my beautiful friend Angelina who took all these photos.

That was a good day in Bauska. The exhibition will stay there until July 30th, you all are welcome to visit!


  1. Maryte, so much of colors !
    It is a big pleasure of summer 2019 to get Your exhibition showed in Bauska town. I am sure, the people will enjoy Your quilts like we all do it!
    Thank You!

  2. Nancy Raser says

    They are so beautiful Martye. Thank you for sharing such beautiful work to the worlid and for us to enjoy

  3. Congratulations. What a beautiful exhibition. You can be so proud!
    I love all the roses. That must be an awesome sight in Bauska.

  4. Nuostabi paroda, darbai, nuotraukos, atsiliepimai! Ir mūsų drauges, papuošė paroda savo dalyvavimu. Gaila, nebuvau. Bet nuvažiuosiu! SVEIKINIMAI MARYTEI!!!

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