The colors of Malta

I am back from my trip to Malta and there was one thing that amazed me most: colors of Malta.

I am sure colors of Malta will inspire and will be reflected in my new work. As to landscape there were two dominant colors: beige color of limestone and green color of plants. Limestone has ever been the main building material of Malta. The ancient temples were built from it:


as well as cities starting from pavements and stairs to the roofs of buildings:


and multiple fences in the country:


So the landscape looks mostly like this:


But the landscape is only one side of Malta. The seascape is the other essential part and here are so many amazing colors of water I’ve never seen before.  I am going to make few more quilts for my water series from these photos:








Aren’t they wonderful? The limestone rocks and unbelievably blue waters make the most beautiful sites of Malta. This is Azure Window:R0010560

The colors of Malta are not limited by beige and blue. Life there is full of all colors of a rainbow:




When I travel I also always try to buy some fabric that would be typical for that country or would reflect the spirit of it. For the quilters who are going to follow in my footsteps and travel to Malta I have to tell that I couldn’t find any quilt shop there and the fabric store was out of my reach because it was only possible to get there by car not by bus.

So I haven’t brought any material memory but I brought these beautiful pictures, the smell of the breeze and the smiles of local people and tourists like me.



  1. Your photos are wonderful, Maryte! Especially the water. Who knew there could be such a contrast. Can’t wait to see how it will inspire your quilts!

Thank you for your Comment