Travel project

Tomorrow I am leaving for Malta. When I fly, usually I take my travel project with me. It’s a small bag of scraps, cut into 1.5” squares, thread, needle and a very small scissors:

I’ve never had any problem with security before, hope this will work this time again. Then when I wait for the flight, when I fly, and when I have nothing to do at the hotel or even on a beach I hand sew my squares together. Dark to the light, just two of them, then when I have bunch of these, I make 4 squares pieces, then 8, 16 and here I stop:


I cut more scraps into 1” squares and work until  I have enough of 16 square pieces to make all the 64 square blocks required for my quilt. This is because I want my fabrics in blocks to be mixed really well and not repeated  in the same block. This is how they look like:

R0001506                R0001507
My latest travel project took me about 8 months to make.

Actually after I make enough of checkered blocks, it becomes a TV project. That means I only work on it when I sat down in the evening to watch TV. Because after making checkered blocks, I have to make hand appliqued blocks that I mostly use scraps too:

R0001535   R0001534   R0001533

Then I need to make borders:


And finally I hand quilt it:

R0010008 R0010006 R0010010

The only machine sewing is adding red sashes and binding. Still it is hand sewn on the back.

And finally I it’s finished!


Of course, it was carefully checked and approved by my daughter’s cat Smilga:


Starting 2013 I made three of these quilts, one of 49 blocks and two of 72 blocks. Tomorrow I will start one more but this time I am going to use a black background. I guess it will be much harder on my eyes to work on it.

Wish me luck on the flight and come back to see the result!


  1. Love, Love, Love this quilt! My very favorite!

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