Cats in Malta

I am a quilter first, but as I mentioned before, I am a cat lover too. Once in while I will post my cat news because I can’t imagine my life without two things: quilts and cats.  Looks like in Malta everybody loves cats and this country is a real cats heaven. Cats in Malta are loved and taken care everywhere. We were told they are not only given shelter and food but also taken to the veterinarian when needed and neutered to control their population. With all theses cats on our way only once we saw a mama cat with three kittens.

There was a big cat camp near the place where we stayed. Huge brightly painted cat statue on the roof of a public restroom overlooked the nearby park. The cat had a scar on her face and one eye:


In the park we saw cat houses, benches covered with pillows for the cats to sleep on, plenty of food and water:


These benches actually were there for people to sit but no one was angry about it and no one was chasing the cats. The cats were not afraid of people and were really friendly.

But most of them were lazy, sleepy, and relaxed:




And from my own experience I know that the cats are sleepy and relaxed only when they are not hungry.

Cats were even  in ancient temples:




and public parks:


We saw a taxi driver feeding his sandwich to four cats:


We also shared some of our food with the cats.

I was really happy to see the cats haven on the Earth- it’s Malta! Thank you, people of Malta!


  1. Maryte, really place for me if about cats! I love cats !

  2. Maryte, looks like the perfect vacation spot for you! And from the looks of the things, I think our yellow cat, Mustard Seed, took a vacation to Malta without us even knowing it!

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