Crab Apples quilt

 This time my inspiration came from few photos of crab apples. I’ve been thinking of making a diptych of crab apples: blossoms and fruit. Somehow I’ve started from fruit first, blossoms have to wait, I hope not till the next spring. My friend Nijole has three crab apple trees in her garden. Recently she sent… Read More →

Sulfur Spring quilt

My inspiration usually comes from the photo. For most of the water quilts I used my friend Rita’s photos as an inspiration  source. As I traveled a lot myself, this time I scrolled through my own photos and stopped at one taken few years ago in Yellowstone. I don’t remember the name of that site… Read More →

Four Seasons: Spring

My friend and mentor Brenda Gael Smith has a Weekly  Art Project going on her blog: She is on a week #7 already. I’ve been thinking of joining Brenda since she started her project but because of my solo show approaching I had other thing to do. Finally I have more time to focus… Read More →

Reflections- my solo show

Finally I have my solo show up and running. My quilts have traveled to exhibitions in Italy, France, Finland, Latvia, United Kingdom, Canada and USA but they haven’t be exhibited here in Lithuania. Well, not until today. Today through November 18 I have 21 of my quilts exhibited at Siauliai public library: It is… Read More →

Loved to Pieces

I started as a traditional quilter and it took me many years to get where I am now. But once in a while, for a special occasion, I make a traditional quilt. This time it was a quilt for a little girl that I couldn’t refuse making. This story started  6 years ago. I made… Read More →