Plain air 2016

Group of my friends, myself including, last weekend gathered deeply in a country in Lithuania  for plain air 2016,  the event  that we hold every two years since  2008. This was our 5th plain air. It was held in a village that now has only one house left. It is a log cabin built 100… Read More →

American Flag quilt

June 14th  is American Flag Day. Being US citizen living outside US I still feel like I belong there and I miss everything I left behind when I moved to Lithuania almost three years ago. Watching American Flag flying can bring tears to my eyes. I have my own experience and my own reasons why… Read More →

Cats in Malta

I am a quilter first, but as I mentioned before, I am a cat lover too. Once in while I will post my cat news because I can’t imagine my life without two things: quilts and cats.  Looks like in Malta everybody loves cats and this country is a real cats heaven. Cats in Malta… Read More →

The colors of Malta

I am back from my trip to Malta and there was one thing that amazed me most: colors of Malta. I am sure colors of Malta will inspire and will be reflected in my new work. As to landscape there were two dominant colors: beige color of limestone and green color of plants. Limestone has… Read More →

Travel project

Tomorrow I am leaving for Malta. When I fly, usually I take my travel project with me. It’s a small bag of scraps, cut into 1.5” squares, thread, needle and a very small scissors: I’ve never had any problem with security before, hope this will work this time again. Then when I wait for the… Read More →