An Exhibition in Jelgava, Latvia

It is a history now but I had no chance to write earlier about the exhibition in Jelgava, Latvia. It opened on March 14th, just one day before I left for New Zealand and lasted until April 15th, the day I left New Zealand. The exhibition took place in a beautiful palace of Jelgava History and Art Museum of Ģederts Eliass 

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I exhibited  my quilts along with sculptures made by ceramists Aleksandrs and Marite Djačenko from Jelgava, Latvia, and embroidery, knitting and crochet works of Estonian craftier Helga Koger. We continued with the celebration of the 100 anniversary of Baltic states and the friendship of our sister cities.

Of course it was a very busy time for me but still I managed to make three small quilts representing our flags:

I framed them because they are only 6×6 inches.

I also exhibited few new of my 12×12 inches quilts and Latvian ceramists Marite and Aleksandrs exhibited few older pieces of their work that were not exhibited in Pärnu.

Setting up the exhibition was fun as it always is:

Starts with the mess, of course

Aleksandrs helping to hang Helga’s piece

Helga ironing her embroidered table cloth

Still there was a lot of mess when we left, but when we returned the next day for the opening, everything looked perfect. Thanks to this lady, Marite Lemane, here on my left:





The opening ceremony was nice and warm,  and filled with discussions:


I felt sorry I had to leave early because of me traveling to New Zealand the very next day. That is what my next blog entry is going to be about.



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