My Dream Comes True

Today is the day when my wildest dream came true. Many years ago I bought the first edition of The Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques by Katherine Guerrier, published by Quarto Publishing in 1994. Living in a place where quilting was almost unknown this book was like a spring of fresh water. Finally I was able to  ease my thirst!

Seeing my own creation in this book was one thing I couldn’t even think of . Never!

Today in a mail I received the second edition of the same book, revised and updated:

Look at this beauty:

And in a gallery section there is a photo of my quilt Crocuses in the Snow:

When I bought the first book I couldn’t even imagine this happening.



  1. Pat Arndt says:

    Oh Maryte!! How exciting!! I love the piece “Crocuses in the Sun”. Lovely.. you’ve come a long way Baby!!

  2. Linda Sanders says:

    Congratulations, Maryte! I can only imagine what a thrill this is for you! But, I must say, I am not surprised. Your dedication to your art shows in everything you do. So happy for you!

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