Vacation in Pape, Latvia

This week I spent 4 days on the Baltic Sea in Pape, Latvia. This was the first time since my children were small that we were vacationing together: my son’s family from Germany and my daughter’s family from Lithuania. This is a strange thing but we three are citizens of three different countries: I am an American citizen, my son’s family- German citizens and my daughter’s family are Lithuanian citizens.

It was raining most of the time but still we were enjoying our time together. First visit to the beach was not very bright:


Far away there is one figure jumping over the waves

The rain stopped finally and we were able to get out and visit Pape Nature Park  The core of the park is the Papes Lake, which is a lagoon-type lake located close to the seashore, and the Nidas Marsh with the outlying territories.Something unbelievable- they have wild horses.  The horses were very friendly curious, they were trying to get very close to us as we were told by our guide not to touch them. They were surrounding us and it felt weird to be in a such close company of these graceful animals.

R0020760-001   R0020763-001


This one was so curious he almost touched my camera

R0020771-001   R0020767-001

After seeing horses part of the company went to the beach but me and my son went to the woods to pick up mushrooms. I know this is going to b scary for my friends in USA and around the world but yes, we eat mushrooms!

Look at these three babies that my daughter-in-law fried:


Three really big and bad looking mushrooms.



Little salt and flour…




Almost done…


Then we had more mushrooms:



We survived and we are all still alive and well.

The last day was the most beautiful and we were even to watch a sunset:

R0020796-001  R0020805-001

And look how lonely and wild the beach was:


She looks so lonely…

Actually that’s why I love going to Pape but not to any crowded beach resort on the Baltic.  Pape, Latvia is the place where I can be tete-a-tete with the nature and with the sea.


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