European Patchwork Meeting 2016

I just got back from the European Patchwork Meeting that is one of the greatest quilting events in Europe:

The event takes place in several villages in Val d’Argent, Alsace: Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines, Lièpvre, Rombach-le-Franc. During 5 days, historical buildings, village halls or places of worship are the theater of a unique event dedicated to the textile and the patchwork.

This was my second visit to the EPM- I was there last year by a complete accident. This year I planned my trip ahead and also I was an active participant: my quilt Underground River got accepted into Wide Horizons exhibition:


Underground River quilt


Also three of my quilts were exhibited at Quilts of Latvia. I live in Lithuania but I am a member of Latvian Quilt Association.

Latvia was this year’s  guest country at the European Patchwork meeting. We had an entire gallery for ourselves and were able to exhibit a variety of our quilts from very traditional to modern ones. I will share with you few pictures of Latvian quilts:


The view of a gallery

I had two quilts exhibited:


Rainbow on the vine. Underneath is quilt by Mairita Eglite- Sun by Mairita Eglite



Water Marks #2

There were other quilts as well:


Flowers by Gunta Skeltona




Stranger Among His Own by Aina Muze



Who Knows The Answer? by Elina Lusis-Grinberga



The Sun Falls Into the Iridescent Sea by Edite Lase

And many more. We were happy to show the world our art and receive a feedback.

It was a very intense week for me at the European Patchwork Meeting as well as visiting sites in Alsace. I see I will need to make two more entries into my blog- come back soon to read more!

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