My Year in Quilts-2019

I always wanted to review my year in quilts but this time of the year usually is so busy that I never had enough time to do so. This Christmas I got sick and had to stay away from my family in friends so I got my chance.

2019 was a really good year for me, I worked tirelessly and had fun. I was invited to a wonderful group of creative people, called Fifteen by Fifteen. We are 15 textile artists from various places throughout the world. Every 8 weeks we make a 15 x 15 inch quilt based on our theme. The first challenge I participate was Blooming, then Decay and Horizon followed, Accordingly these are my quilts Apple Blossom, The Last Leaf and Aurora Borealis:

Later challenges of Flight, Photoshoot and Music followed and I made quilts called Flight of Imagination, Selfie and Scherzo:

For the first six months of the year I also participated in Brenda Gael Smith Monthly Art Project. Starting February 2019 I decided to make 24×24 inches quilt every month. Here are three of them:

Three more quilts followed:

I decided to continue making 24×24 inches quilts because I liked the size. I saw many possibilities in my Leaf block and kept making more Leaves:

To finalize my study of leaves I made much larger quilt that measures 36x 47 inches:


My entry to SAQA Spotlight auction:

Silver Fern Leaf 8”x6”

Last summer I dyed some fabrics with indigo dyes. Then, with wider variety of indigo shades I went back to Cracked Ice idea and made this quilt, that measures 36×36 inches:

Cracked Ice

I made another indigo quilt, Legend of the Fern Flower. What the legend is about you can read here: Fern flower And here is my quilt, that measures 40×36 inches:

Legend of the Fern Flower

Every two years there is an international quilt contest Verona Tessile in Verona, Italy. My quilt Rainbow on the Vine was accepted in 2015, and I decided to try my luck this year as well. The topic of this year’s contest was Praise be to You, my Lord. From Francis to Francis.

I made a quilt representing the Hill of Crosses that I live nearby. My quilt got accepted and traveled to Italy.

Sunset on the Hill of Crosses.

I am a member of Latvian Quilt Association. I made a quilt Autumn. Pieced and Stitched. This quilt went into a collection of 6 Latvian quilts that were exhibited at European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace, France last September.

Autumn. Pieced and Stitched. 47”x31”

And last but not least was the quilt that I made for Oasis of Love Church in Shippensburg, Pensylvania as a fundraiser for Oasis of Love International Training Center in Prampram, Ghana. I called it Rainbow. It was large and I couldn’t even find the place to take a good photo of it. Here is that quilt and few detail photos:


I made few more quilts that didn’t fall into any of these categories so I am leaving them out. I think I had a pretty successful year in quilts

Right now I have my head buzzing from ideas what I am going to work on in 2020.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Caroline Higgs says

    What a wonderfully productive year, fantastic work!

  2. I just love your style & have followed your work for a few years now. Each & every quilt is stunning either in its simplicity or complexity! Can’t wait till I start seeing your 2020 quilts!
    Hope you are feeling better now.

  3. Maryte, your year was wonderful! I am always inspired by your work, knowing how you work, knowing it might be of necessity, your color palate is rich! The “mother of invention” they say! You have such a rhythm with your fabric. Carry on my friend and may we all have many years of enjoying your work!

  4. Linda Sanders says

    How wonderful, Maryte, to see your year of quilt making in this collection of photos and stories. I am always so very impressed by all that you do. Keep going!

  5. will e hazel says

    I love your creativity!!! You are a true artisan.

  6. Maryte,
    You have been very busy this last year. I love all of your creations! They are absolutely stunning. Maybe when I come to visit you can show me how you begin and end each project. I would love to learn some skills from my most talented cousin. Here’s looking forward to what 2020 brings!

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