Mana Latvija

Even I live in Lithuania, I am a member of Latvian Quilt Association. Today I took  a quick drive to Bauska, Latvia. On November 18th of this year Latvia celebrated 100 years of independence. For this occasion our association opened an exhibition of quilts at Bauska local history and art museum

The exhibition is called Mana Latvia (My Latvia). Here is the poster:

The poster was designed on a base of the quilt For Latvia made by Guna Sedliniece. She used colors and looks of Latvian flag. Very simple but very powerful.

Two of my quilts are exhibited there as well. My Lava quilt and Field of Poppies in Latvia. For that I was inspired when driving in Latvia I saw a huge field of poppies going way back to the horizon.


Field of Poppies in Latvia

I was surprised there were only few traditional quilts exhibited. Latvian quilters truly advanced in a field of art quilts. So many different quilts made in all different techniques:

Midsummer Night by Lolita Simane

The Oaks of Madlena by Edite Lase


Detail shows that the blocks are woven from very narrow strips

Blown by the Wind by Inga Vasiljeva


Birch Trees of Latvia by Dzintra Bitena

Improvisation of Colors by Svetlana Fedoseeva

The Homeland by Valentina Velkere

Purvitis (Latvian Painter) by Rita Simane

Two of just four traditional quilts:

Migration of Birds by Gunta Skeltona

Inheritance by Inara Dalbina

The exposition is very interesting because it is not taking place just in an empty space. It is in one of the museum’s halls where different things from Latvia’s past are on display as well.

Old weaving loom

Trying to understand how they did it

From the other side…

A bed and a cradle

A cradle

I was glad I took time to go there even I have so many thing waiting to be done. Just two days ago I came back from the trip to Ghana and am almost ready to write few blog entries about it.


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