Plain Air 2018

Group of my friends, myself including, last weekend gathered deeply in a country in Lithuania for plain air 2018, the event that we hold every two years since 2008. This was our 6th plain air. It was held in the same village (Skutenos)that now has only one household left. It is a log cabin built more than 100 years ago with just one man living there at this time.

We dedicated this event to 100 years of Lithuania’s independence anniversary and the topic of the plain air was ”I Paint Lithuania”.

The place was decorated with flowers and with a display of artwork made during earlier plain air events:

This was a pram for one of the participants when she was a baby

There was some artwork displayed inside the house

As well as the table also decorated in colors of Lithuanian flag and with traditional Lithuanian dishes:

As you can see, the house and all other buildings are very old and that’s how people used to build their houses in Lithuanian country 100 years ago. This is the old fashioned well:

And this doesn’t require any explanation:

Every Lithuanian village has a cross. There are many crosses out in the country, mostly by the roads. Lithuanian wooden crosses are UNESCO world heritage objects. The village of Skutenos has their own cross as well and we have a tradition to start our plain air event by visiting it:

Raising Lithuanian flag and the flag of  plain air is another our tradition:

Lithuanian flag that we all love

Flag of Skutenos plain air

Now we are getting ready to paint: choosing canvas, and paints:

Finding a quiet and inspirational spot  is also a part of success:

While they were doing first brush strokes, I paid attention to the fashion. Look at those hats:

Very traditional Lithuanian, crocheted from unbleached linen yarn

This one came from Vietnam

If no hat, the canvas can protect from sun as well

Something from Iceland

One with cat ears

 It was interesting to watch how paintings were developing into real masterpieces:




There were many more interesting works developing but I will only show final results of others:

Finally all paintings were completed and we sat down for a discussion and for a meal prepared on open fire:

It was an event filled with fun and creativity,meeting with friends, good food, wonderful weather. It was sad to take flags down and say good byes until next plain air that will take place in 2020.

So long, my friends!



  1. Linda Sanders says

    I love this! So much talent bursting forth is such a beautiful setting. Thank you for sharing this, almost as good a being there.

  2. Louise Wilson says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Looks like a wonderfully creative day with friends, tradition and fun. Love it all!

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