Exhibition in Pärnu, Estonia

I am leaving  tomorrow and am  taking my quilts for an exhibition in Pärnu, Estonia.
In 2018 three Baltic states- Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, celebrates 100 years of independence. We, Helga Koger, Aleksandrs and Marite Djačenko and me, Maryte Collard, four artists from these countries, from sister cities Pärnu, Jelgava and Šiauliai have an exhibition coming on January 5th through 20th in Parnu, Estonia.
I shared this information on Facebook before but here I would like to share some more detailed information about the participants of this Exhibition.

Exhibition in Pärnu takes place at Kuntsnike Maja, Nikolai 27 on January 5th at 4 pm.

There are all participants:



In March the exhibition will move to Jelgava, Latvia and later in August- to Šiauliai, Lithuania.

Come and celebrate with us 100 years of our independence!

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