It’s a diptych!

Finally I have one more quilt finished. As I promised, I worked on Crab Apple Blossoms quilt and now I have a diptych, both Blossoms and Fruit.

As almost always it started with the photo, sent to me by my friend Nijole, who has three crab apple trees in her garden:

I started by selecting fabrics for blossoms:

For the background I used the same green colors as I used for the first Crab Apples quilt and added some grays.

I started cutting fabrics into narrow strips.They are no more than one inch wide but usually even narrower:

As I made improvised log cabin blocks I kept pinning them to my improvised design wall in shapes that I imagine to be the abundance of blossoms:

The difference in color is from these images to be taken at different times with a different natural light coming through my studio window.

When I was happy with flowers I started working on a background. I must tell this part of my work sometimes gets very messy.

I do make background blocks using curved piecing. I cut every small shape separately and move back and forth from my cutting mat to sewing machine by my office manager, who happened to be my cat Albinas, watching me carefully. Sometimes he even rolls over on my cutting mat and spreads the trash all over my place.

Studio manager Albinas watching carefully as I work

This is how I worked on a small section of the quilt:

I worked until I covered all the surface and was happy with the design:

Machine quilting always is my favorite part of the quilt making. I can clean the mess, choose the thread and enjoy the journey:


And finally finished:

It’s a diptych:





  1. Hey Maryte! Love the diptych. I am so into bright colors, yet your tones do play that way to me. The combination of greens, or greys respectively, laying in the background add such impact. The gradual light to dark helps my eye travel across, up and down, and absolutely the shards of the brown make me believe I am viewing a tree in full blossom or burgeoning with fruit as in the second one. And the piecing that includes the curved lines adds great movement. Love your work!

  2. Linda Sanders says:

    This is absolutely fascinating to see how it all comes together! I loved seeing the spools sitting on the quilt as it shows the blocks are much smaller than I imagined. Your studio manger looks quite stern and I expect will keep you on task! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for your Comment