Sulfur Spring quilt

My inspiration usually comes from the photo. For most of the water quilts I used my friend Rita’s photos as an inspiration  source. As I traveled a lot myself, this time I scrolled through my own photos and stopped at one taken few years ago in Yellowstone. I don’t remember the name of that site but I call it Sulfur Spring because I remember the smell of sulfur around it.

Water in its liquid form  has no color or shape. It only gets a shape or color when it reflects things around it. Or as a lot of minerals dissolved in it. I guess water in this pool was rich with minerals:


To start my quilt I chose all values of blue, aqua, green and some yellow:


I started making improvised log cabin blocks:


Than I added some green blocks and blue blocks on both sides:


I felt it needed something else! It looked very plain, there was no excitement at all.

Then I pulled the ugliest fabric I had in my stash and started making blocks adding some orange at the same time:


Now it looked so much better than I decided that’s what enough and  I could move on to quilting.

As this quilt is made entirely from the same kind of blocks and has the same texture I used a very simple but dense quilting design all over the quilt:








Here is my quilting thread choice:


Finally I had to square the quilt up:


I decided that binding would not show up in front of the quilt. So I sewed it on the front and turned all over to the back later:


I really liked how the quilt looked like now but just to give it a try I flipped the quilt over:


Voilà– that’s what this quilt needed! Now everything falls  into right places- don’t you think so?





  1. Absolutely love it!

  2. I am so in love with your work!! Reading your bio, girl, you are amazing! Or should I refer to you as Dr.! Something about being from Europe, moving to the US, then back to Europe, I think gives you an unique perspective with your art.
    I was lucky enough as a teen to live in Germany for 3 years. Part of a military family. But it changes you. A simple life, a chance to dip into your brain and rewire. And your cats!! Do you have a book coming out? Wonderful, wonderful work. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

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