Crab Apples quilt

 This time my inspiration came from few photos of crab apples. I’ve been thinking of making a diptych of crab apples: blossoms and fruit. Somehow I’ve started from fruit first, blossoms have to wait, I hope not till the next spring.

My friend Nijole has three crab apple trees in her garden. Recently she sent me this photo:


Then few days later my friend Linda posted this photo on her Facebook page:


I was hooked and started by selecting fabrics for apples:


And started making improvised log cabin blocks:


I moved on making more and more of them and then I needed to select fabrics for a green background. I wanted a background to have light and dark and medium values of green and some of grays:


These were different blocks and I moved on making them and filling spaces on my design wall. At the same time I kept adding more crab apples:


Finally I felt that I had enough and that design looked quite balanced:


A close up of my design wall:


Now I had to figure out how to sew everything together. The construction of this kind of design is always quite challenging but finally I had it all in one piece.

The next step was my favorite- machine quilting. I always feel very relaxed when quilting. I let my mind to fly and dream of upcoming quilts while my hands move the quilt freely under the needle.

I selected few colors of thread and started quilting:




Then I realized I needed more colors:



Finally it is all quilted:


All I had to do now was to square the quilt up and add binding. The binding is not showing  on the front:


It was fun making this quilt and I look forward to making Crab Apples Blossom quilt next.



  1. shari dancer-thomas says:

    How beautiful Maryte!

  2. I love the feeling of dimension and movement. I had to study this to see it did not have openings. Beautiful is your vision, beautiful is your interpretation!

  3. Fabulous!

  4. You captured the colors beautifully, and the quilting really makes it come alive. Impressive!

  5. Matistsat says:

    Such a beautiful work Maryte … I love your way of creation … BRAVO ….

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