Four Seasons: Spring

My friend and mentor Brenda Gael Smith has a Weekly  Art Project going on her blog:

She is on a week #7 already. I’ve been thinking of joining Brenda since she started her project but because of my solo show approaching I had other thing to do. Finally I have more time to focus on sewing and I decided to make few small quilts. I would like to focus on making 12 x 12 inches quilts for now. It may not be my weekly project but I will try to make it by- weekly.

I already had one 12 x 12 inches quilt I made before:


Winter Flowers

I decided to continue on this path and to make quilts corresponding with all 4 seasons. I looked into my stash and pulled out a piece of fabric that I thought was one of my fabric dyeing disasters:


I also found few already made log cabin blocks that I didn’t use in another project::


And here is the final result:spring1



  1. Sandra Hamilton says:

    I love what you did and really enjoyed looking at your work on your site. I hope you have a very successful show. I wish I was close enough to come.

  2. Laetitia says:

    Your work is beautiful.

Thank you for your Comment